Yorkshire England A Real Christian Scientist

“Cross Gate”
Shute Hill,
Nr. Teignmouth

Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your letter. I’m so sorry I’ve not written to you earlier but we have been on our vacation to Harrogate. (which is in Yorkshire)
I have no other penfriends except you but I would like to correspond with a Swedish one as well.
I am a Christian Scientist and I put an advertisement in the Monitor about desiring a Swedish penfriend, but so far I haven’t heard about one.
My dad is with the Prudential Assurance, He is manager of Newton Abbot. My mother used to work in a bank but she doesn’t now.
There is no shorter way to write my address. When we were on holiday we went to a lovely big old house tht was open to the public, & it was really lovely. The family that last lived there was Lord Halifax’s, wife & children.
On Tuesday we went to the Harrogate gardens, and they were really lovely. There were lovely flowers there as well as tea rooms, and a stream with lovely water lilies in it. One day we went a walk through the Pine woods and a walk to Berk Crag. On Saturday we went with my cousin, uncle and auntie to Ormscliff Crag. Which was a big rock on which we climbed on to, and saw a lovely view of the countryside round about.  I haven’t seen my cousin (Sue) for 3 yrs. and she is now 16 yrs. old, so she has changed a lot.
We first had a border collie crossed with a terrier dog but he died at 16 yrs. old. Then we got a Welsh collie but she had to be put to sleep, and so we are looking for another dog. A Welsh collie I think.
We have loads of flowers in our garden. Our house is about 200 yrs. old. Is your house old or modern? We used to have an old coach house in the garden but there wasn’t enough room to park the car so we had it knocked down and a new modern garage built which holds 3 cars. We have two cars, (or rather one is my granny’s) one is a “Renault” (which is a French car.) (which is  sort of a van) , the other one is a “Vauxall cresta” (the new model that has just come out) Have you a car? If so what sort is it? And what colour is it?
My little sister Peggyanne (who is 4 mths. Old) is growing sweeter everyday. She has big brown eyes and fair hair (but dad thinks it is growing darker) rosy cheeks, and sweet little rosy lips. She is rather funny in the bath because she splashes so much and when mummy wants to turn her over on her tummie she grabs hold of the side of her little bath and won’t let go.
My sister had her German penfriend over for 2 wks. I saw her and she was awfully nice.
How do you wear your hair? I have a long plait & when I’m older I will be wearing it in a bun on top of my head, until I cut it off.
On Sunday we went to Church and then had to go to dinner with one of mummy’s school friends who was very nice.
Can you swim? I can & it is lovely to go down to the sea in the evening or in the morning at 6 o’clock. Mind you I haven’t got up a 6 o’clock in the morning, but I have got down to the beach at about 6 o’clock in the evening with one of my girl friends.
I can’t think of anything else to tell you. Hoping you will write soon.

Love from,
P.S. I will try and send a photograph of me with my hair up sometime in the near future.
P.P.S. Sorry for the crossings out of words.


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