July Summer Fun on the Fourth

July 1  I went to the library. I got five books and two Vogue magazines. I finished Fifteen today, also got it today. So I’m now reading Jean and Johnny.
Nattie and I slept in the basement. It was 100 degrees yesterday.

2           Dials’ grandchildren were over. Their daughter is going to live there for a while till she & her husband find a house for them and their 5 kids. Karen and Ronnie his mother diverced Dial’s son, and I might go to to the movie tomorrow. We might have to take Karen’s two younger sisters Christine and Bernice.

3          We didn’t go to the movie. There is not matinee. Nattie said that the movie Call me B’Wane with Bob Hope isn’t that good.
I finished Jean and Johnny by Cleary So I started The dark frigate by Hawes.

4          We, the family went to see fireworks at Bell Creek Park First we went to Aunt Maries and Uncle Franz’s house. Elenor and Roy and their two kids are there. The fireworks were nice. Some kids were throwing sparklers in the crowd.
Some others kids try to steal some of the cotton candy and popcorn Beany and I bought. They got some of my cotton candy.

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