June 27-30 Making Supper

27  I finished The Boatswain’s Boy. It was a good book. I’m starting The White Rose of Stuart by Lillian de la Torre.
Tomorrow I’m going to make supper because mommy has to go to a funeral. Last Monday night Mr. Harmgart died of a blood clot.

28  Today the menu is: macaroni & cheese, pudding lemonade. Beany is going to work at Richard Brothers. Today is her only day cause she is under age. She made $9.20.

29   Tody I finished The White Rose of Stuart. It’s a story about Flora McDonald who helped Bonnie Prince Charles escape.
I bought a mad comic book. Somebody wrote to Mad and said this
Some to strong
Some to light,
But Mad has
Got the trash
That’s right
That right. That’s right.

30  Today we’re going swimming. Dilliners Church is having a picnic at Lake Kilarney. It was fun. I had my new bathing suit on. I’ll put a piece in. There was a raft on the lake. I jumped off it quite a few times. It was it deep water. Karen, Nattie, Dagmar, Barney & I went out in a row boat. I also went out with daddy. We picked some water lilies. Two Sundays from now we might go to Point Pelee.

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