June 22-26

Today is the day of the party 31 people. There was Bob Logan, Karen & Doug Crossman, Sally and Barbara. No kids except me. Karen clung like glue to Bob. It was sick. Barbara was stuck up. Doug doesn’t know how to take his boose. Bob was really funny.
Beany had $122 dollars in cash. She got a clock, Lady Sunbeam. Blouse & gloves, jewelry case & necklace, pajamas & slip, Wayne jacket, and everybody else gave her money.

Aunt Herta & Uncle Vladas stayed over night last night and are staying over night tonight. Aunt Ruth told them to stay here and not go to her house. They have a Cutlass 63.

For the last couple of days I’ve been getting up at 12 oclock. I finished Renee and the Beckoning Road Started and finished Sixteen and other stories. Also started Light a single candle. Its about a girl who turns blind.

Got up a twevele o’clock. Went down to the dairy queen with Lynn Diedrich. We each had a blueberry Sunday, small.
I took 3 maps from the gas station. I thought they were free. When I found out they weren’t, I took them back.
Renee went to the beach with Doug.

Got up at the usual time, 12 o’clock noon. Daddy got his car checked over. I finished Light a single candle by Butler. A very good book. I started The Boatswain’s Boy by Dee Soe.
Beany went swimming with Karen.
Mommy and I looked for a bathing suit. We couldn’t find one that fit me, so mommy’s making it

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