June 18-21

     Yesterday I started Paintbox Summer by Cavanna.
Renee is going to graduate with a cord.
Today I finished Paint box Summer Started Stars in her Eyes by Cavanna.
I cleaned out my looseleaf.
I sang in the glee club at the graduation. The dresses were pretty. Charmin T. played the volin. Very good. I felt like I was up there.

Today is the last day of school. We had a party and spelldown. Lenard Miller won the spelldown. I got some autographs. We had cookies and ice cream. There were two flavors. Vanilla and chocolate. I took vanilla.
I stopped reading Stars in her Eyes. It doesn’t seem any good.
Renee is graudating today.

Beany graudated manga cam lada. She got a read and gold cord.
We’re getting ready for the party Saturday.
We went to a party store and got a couple bottles of: champang, vodka mixer, squirt, sprite and uptown. Daddy got two small bottle of chankang for Manfred & Hellmut. The man at the store gave us a bottle of pink champagne, free, for Renee.

I went to the library. Yesterday I got the book Miss Caroline. I’m now trying to get the book Hud.
I got Renee a card. It goes like this. Put on a smile to Face the Future  (inside) and the help wanted section. On the back I wrote P.S. Hope this (money), will hold over for awhile. And some more.)

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