Ooooh Brits Always Sound Posh

August 4th
“Cross Gate”
Shute Hill,
Nr. Teignmouth
S. Devon

Dear Ilona,
I noticed your desire for a pen-pal in the Christian Science Monitor, so I wondered whether you would like to become my pen-pal.
I live in the country in a village. My pets are Flip and Flap (goldfish), Timmy and Tommy (tortoises), and Bobby our budgerigar (who is only a baby.) My interests are music, collecting foreign dolls, collecting post-cards of dogs and stamp collecting. Do you collect anything? Have you any pets?
Are you a Christian Scientist? We have quite a big garden which is a ¼ of an acre. Is your garden big? I have 2 sisters and one brother. My eldest sister is called Hazel, second eldest is me, third eldest is David, fourth eldest is Peggyanne. Have you any brothers and sisters?
Have you ever been to England? When does your vacation end? Mine ends on September 16th. I am in a senior school (I’m 13) in the 3rd year. In other words I’ve been at the senior school for nearly 3 yrs. Our school is called SANFORD ORLEIGH, which is in Newton Abott which is about 4 mls. away from our house.
Have you been or are you going anywhere for your vacation? We are going to Yorkshire which is in England, to see relations etc!
Hoping you will write soon.

Yours,                                                                                                                                                               Jennifer Dean

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