Warsaw Introduction

Warsaw, August 11. 1963r.

Dear Ilona,
My daddy has read in “the Christian Science Monitor” that You would like to have a pen pal anywhere in the world.
I would like also to write-to any girl abroad and I am very iglag to find Your advertisement.
I am Pole, my name is Ania Urbanowicz, I am eleven years old, and I live with my parents in Warsaw – the Polish capital.
I should like tp present my country to You it is very old In these times we Celebrate thousandth anniversary of our country.
In Warsaw they are many beautiful relics and monuments. One of the most beautiful is a palace named “Lazienki”. It was our last King August Poniatowski summer residence. In other part of our city is other palace “Wilanowski”. It was built by our Kind Jan Sobieski, who conquered in ancient times Turkish army in Vienna.
I will send You post cards with photos of these two palaces and a few cards with drawings of our national dances.
Please write to me about Your Contry and about City in which You live.

Yours very truly.


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