More News from Tawas – School‘s Out

Tawas City, Mich

June 5, 1963
Dear Ilona,
I’m so very sorry I didn’t write sooner. I’m just so very busy.
We get out of school Friday June 7. When do you get out. We are having half days now till Friday.
The weather is really nice up here now It’s supposed to get up to 92 today.
We can go swimming in about a week, if the lake warms up. Lots of people have been swimming though.
Does Tina Brandt still go to Houghton? If she does tell her “hi” for me.
I’m a Girl Scout now, and we are going on an overnight at Silver Valley on the last day of school. We sure are going to have fun. Well I have to go now.
Love, Cindy
P.S. I miss you so write soon! (even if I don’t)


June 20, 1963
Dear Ilona,
No, I didn’t hear about the milage. Does it go on in all Detroit schools?
The night before last we (my girl friends and I) slept in a tent. We got up about 5 o’clock in the morning.
The weather is odd here now. Yesterday it was pretty hot, and today it’s cold. Also we had tornado warrening yesterday.
No, I don’t have any pen pals. Where do you find out their addresses? If you could would you just send me the name and address of a girl, about 12, from another country?
Do you still have your dog?
Ask Lynn if received my letter.

Yours truly,
Cindy Hemphill

P.S. Don’t forget to send me one of your pictures when they’re taken.
P.S.S. I miss you.

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