June 12-13

12    Glee club meet today. We’re getting ready for the graduation. We’re singing “This is my country”, “Gloria halliuia,” and Climbing up the mountain children.”
I finished A date with Diane by Cavanna. I started Angel on Skies also by Cavanna. I’m getting a BA in Social Studies.
Mr. McGlue isn’t taking anyone else to the parish picnic. I might get a new bathing suit

13     I got a 76% in arithmetic. Yesterday was the last day Houghten served hot lunches.
Murphy might not have violin lessons.
I took playroom duty with Patrice, because Joy went on a picnic. The kides were happy to see me. One kid said he likes me better then Joy.
Beany got me an autograph book. She is the first one to sign.

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