June 6-11 Lightening & Thunderstorms

6     I finished Pick a New Dream by Weber.
Today is the last meeting in catechism. We started to play baseball but it started to rain,  So, we went inside and played kick-ball.
Next year I’m going to have Pastor Wescott Jr. as my teacher.
I got a letter from Nancy Thorburn.

7      My mumu is finished, except for the belt, so, I have to go over the pockets.
I’m mad at Martha. She just gets on my nerves.
I started reading The Boy Next Door by Cavanna. Its good.
Doug Crossman came over. He gave me a piggy-back ride. It was fun.

8        I finished The Boy Next Door by Cavanna.
About 1 o’clock Sunday morning, I woke up. It was lighting out. Both my window were open. I called for mommy. Nobody came. Beany finally came. I slept with here.
I went to the library. Asked then to reserve the book Renee and the Beckoning Road by Weber. It costs ten cents.

9         I finished Spring Comes Riding by Cavanna.
At McGlues we played Mr. Rainman. David Sue and I. There were two umbiralls. One person had the hose, and squirted the two other people.
It rained tonight. All the dirt on the lawn swan away. I really lighting & thundered.
Teddy was really scared.

10       This morning mommy cut my bangs. I put in a piece.
I’m going to get a BB in Social Studies. Almost good.
I wrote Nancy a letter.
Doug Crossman came over. He had something for daddy to translate.
It rained today. The trees were really swaying.
Mommy talked to Mr. Ritter. I might get a new violin if Murphy gives lessons.

11        This morning Bill Willurd. & Lenard Miller. were picking on me. They were hiting me, you know where! I really clawed Bill up.
Today Mr. Langen told us our marks. I got: English-A, Spell.-B, Hand.-A, Read.-A, Arith-CB
I got an A on my speech on the Aborigines. Mr. Langen said quote “A very high class report”, unquote
I went to glee club We rehearsed for the graudation.

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