June 1-5 School Kids Behaving Badly, 60’s style

1    I went up Redford this morning. While I was up there, I bought some radish, cucumber and lettuce seeds. My watermelons are growing pretty good.
I finished reading A Bright Star Falls.
Kathy M. came over. I have a blouse and top to give to her. We went around the block with daddy, I wrote on her back “Kick ME” in chalk. I put an X below that.

2     I cut my finger on a pin on one of my dolls. The one praying, to be exact.
We, mommy, daddy and I went to Dillners. I brought some mosquito chasers at the store there.
We played a game called “lemonade”. 1.-Here we come 2-where from 1-(a place) 2-whats your trade 1- lemonade 2-show me some you dirty bum 1-pick a trade, act it out.

3      We’re starting to give our term reports.
I handed my reports on Tippecanoe and Tyler too! Its about William Henry Harrison. Mrs. Marks has a piece of pizza pie on her desk. Don J. poked his pencil in it, smashed it and spat on it. Marks ate it, and said it tasted delesous. She didn’t know.

4       Yesterday I started reading Pick a New Dream by Weber. I’m half way through.
Today Nattie got her pictures. Two 5×8 in color Six pictures black & white in folders, and 50 walet photos. I have a photos and folder picture.

5        This afternoon one of the retarded children, Tommy, was chasing Arlene, Sally, Patrice Kathy and I. He was trying to kiss us. He tried to kiss me on my boobs.
I got a B on my Social Studies report.

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