May comes to an End 29-31 – What’s an ‘Oliver’ haircut?

They took Charlie away this afternoon.
In homeroom I got a double A on my report on the Aborigines.
Got my hair cut. I wanted to get an Oliver; but the lady said my face is too round. The haircut I got is like a shaggy dog. Boy, did those ladies have hairdos. (Drawings of big puffy hair compared to my ‘real shaggy’ look.)

Today is Memorial Day. No school. Daddy painted the porch and garage door turquoise. Beany doesn’t like it. Teddy caught his nail on my basket again. It pulled off, I found it but I dropped it in front of McGlues yard. We had a barbeque in the back yard.
After mommy & daddy went to Aunt Dora’s.
Mr. Dial talked to me. He says I look like mom more & more each day.

          My mumu is almost done. The hem is too big, so I’ll have to cut some off. It looks pretty. I might make two belts.
Mommy bought nine tomato plants at some nursery.
I started reading A Bright Star Falls by Weber.

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