MAY 17, 18, 19, 20

17 I finished reading The More the Merrier by Weber. Stared Granite Harbor by Bird.

After school Mommy put me to bed. My throat hurt.

For English we have to write a letter to the person Mr. Langen gives us. I got stuck with Alan Verley.

18 McGlues have a dog. They named him Charlie. I think he’s part collie, husky, German shepard. He’s about a 4” taller than Teddy. Hinkles might keep the puppy after all.

Sick. Have to stay in all day. Bah Humbug. Finished Granite Harbor.

19 Went to Church to see the confirmation. Next year I’ll get confirmed, I hope Mommy said she’d get me a small transistor radio. With a case and earphones.

20 I went to see Dr. Zedah. Some time in the summer I’m going to have to get my tonsils out. Dr. Zapedah said he’d take them out. Daddy might have ulcers.

David M. has the chickenpocks.


The Alan letter! From the original handwritten, stamped and mailed letter!

May 20, 1963
15710 Riverdale
Detroit 23, Michigan
Dear Ilona,
            I thought I would tell lyou what I did this weekend. I went selling dounuts Saturday but I didn’t do so good. That night I went to my brother’s house to baby sit for my niece and my nephew. It seems everything happened at wance. I was trying to put my little nephew nightgown on when my niece spilled a whole glass of pop. I ran down stairs than my niece stared crying than my nephew fell off the bed so I ran back up stairs got my nephew  brought him down stairs. I findly got my nephew’s nightgown on and put him to bed my niece she wouldn’t let me put her nightgown on she findly fell asleep on the couch. Sunday my brother took me home I took me five hours to do my term paper than I ate. And I wrote my letter to you I have realy enjoyed writeing this write back and tell me if you finished your term paper, I will see you in school Monday good by.
                                                                                                                            Your’s Truly
                                                                                                                             Alan Verleye


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