MAY 13 – 14 – 15 – 16

13 I got a 100% in arithmetic and a 37% in English. Nice.

Got my tickets for the Spring Concert. Mommy & Daddy are going Beany might.

Went to the library. Started reading The More the Merrier by Weber Its a Beany Malone book.

14 In homemaking I’ ready to sew my facing on.

In catachism I finished saying the Scrament of Holy Baptism.

I wrote a letter to Hisakonand Nancy & Bjorn.

15 I told Mrs. Marks about my penpal in Sweden. She said she’d like to see his letter.

Mrs. Hinkle might keep the one puppy after all.

16 Beany, Mommy and Daddy went downtown at 8:00 came back 11:00. Beany got an award. The Detroit Association of Phi Beta Kappa presented the Tenth Annual Honors Convocation.

Sally didn’t make it by 5 points (see Scrapbook).

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