Sweden? That’s Cool, Isn’t It…

Malmö den 8/5-63

Dear Ilona,
Thanks very much for the letter. It’s time to have a girl as a pen-pal. I have only got letters from boys.
I am in public school of the 7th grade. Schooltime from 8AM to 3PM except Fridays when we exercise cooking at the school. Do you take cooking lessons? I study Swedish, English, German and could have chosen French but I decided to wait. We even take a lot of general lessons as History, Geography, Mats and so on. Our gym lessons do we mostly spend in the swimming-pool, we even practice soccer. In about fourteen days we will go to Norway and stay there eight days It will be a kind of camp-school.
Have a brother with the name Johan and a nine years old sister with the name Marina. My father is at sea as a radioperator on the passenger ship “KUNGSHOLM.”
I send here a few Swedish stamps to you will you please send a few American stamps to me? Which countries do you collect? I have to say good-bye for now. Have so many other letters to replay.
Your friend
Björn Herder
PS Write soon DS.

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