May 5-8 College Prep endangered


May May 5

May 6 I didn’t pass William Tell because I didn’t play it fast enough. Mommy might get me a arithmetic book so I can check my work and get higher scores.

We played password in art. I gave two words Compose and Dalmatiam.

May 7 I’m getting rattie marks on my report card. Mommy isn’t exactly proud.

Mommy says I’m going to have to quite glee club and stop taking playroom duty. I’m done with Girls girls girls.

Now I’m reading Mrs. Darlings Daughter

May 8 Todays the day. I got my first D. Of all things, I got it in reading. We take test. I was absent for one and got 52% on the other I will problay get kicked out of College Prep club.

Finished Mrs Darlings Daughter Started Nattie Has a Sercet Life by Weber.

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