May 1-4 Pen Pal -Sweden Discovered

1st Beany takes the Christian Science Monitor for school. In it I found a 14 year old boy who lives in Malmo Sweden who wants a pen pal. Sounds interesting.

2nd I left for school at 8:15. Today is the day College Prep goes to Northville State Hospital. It was worth missing half a day of school. We got back at 12:30. Ate lunch, then Patrice and I took Playroom duty, then went for our violin lesson I wore my easter suit and nylons.

Finished Minnetonka Summer.

3rd In homemaking I sewed my first pocket on. Now I have the other pocket to do. It was almost perfect.

Mommy made Beany a wraparound skirt. I liked it, so Mommy is going to make me one of blue material, and a blue and white checked blouse.

4th Hauptmann’s had to go to a wedding, and couldn’t take Monica. So, they bought Monica over here. I baby-sitted her. I went to the mail box with her to mail my letter to Björn. Later we went down to the river to pick violets. Mr. Hauptmann gave me a dollar for baby-sitting her.

I went to the library. Now I’m reading Girls, girls, by Ferris.

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