April 26, 27, 28

26 The College Prep club is going to Northville State Hoslipal next Thursday.

In Gym we the class did one 50 yard dash. My time was 7.5, Pat was 7.9, Lynn LaForest was 8.0!

In science Mr. Emerson got some calfs hearts from Food Fair already cut in half. At our table, the heart was cut the rest by John Harrison & Lenard Miller I was in the middle of the two. The heart in front of me.

27 I finished Treasure Island. I am now reading The House of the Filers by Cavdill. Seams good.

Teddy made poo on Crossmans lawn. Beany might get a job at Dr. Zedehs office. The violets are really starting to bloom.

I finished my poster for the T. HOUGHTEN FAIR MAY 10 6:00-9:30

28 Beany and I went to church. Pastor Wescott Jr. preached. The choir goofed. They all started out flat.

Pastor Streit was there. He wanted Mommy & Daddy to plege on something. Mommy & Daddy knew this so they purposely left before he came.

Haupt….s gave us some whiskey filled candies.

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