April 23, 24, 25

23 I stay-stiched my mumu in homemaking. Friday I am going to sew the two pieces together.

In catechism I said I first part to the Scrament of Holy Baptism. I was baptism on Mommys wedding day, or anniversary, April 4, in 1951.

24 We picked teams for baseball today. Tina Brandt is captain, I’m assisant Marie Goodrich is my assisant. Martha Shurmur , Patrice Taylor, Bonnie Hartlee, Nancy Lazan and Joy Perkins are on our team also.

25 We took playroom dirt outside. They, the kids, were pretty good today.

There was a College Prep meeting the same time Patrice, Charmin and I had to go to volin. So I wrote I’m on the board for Mr. Ritter Charmin, Patrice & I had to go to a College Prep meeting. We will be back at about 2:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Your great volinist, (signed)


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