April 20, 21, 22

20 Kathy McGlue stayed for lunch. She was over here almost all day. We saw Hinkles puppies. They are really frisky.

Kathy and Janet spent most of yesterday and a little of today cleaning off the oil spots on Mrs. Dies driveway. She paid them each 15cents.

Bought ice-cream from Gordie.

21 We, Mommy daddy and I went to Heckyville to look for a truck. I think we are going to buy a ranchero.

I called up Lynn LaForest and she said that Barbara broke her right arm today.

School tomorrow

22 Went to orchestra. almost couldn’t go because Lynn and Dry D and I, didn’t have anybody to pick us up. Mrs. D. finally got their neighbor Mrs. Derry.

The piece of white hair is from Teddys tail.

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