April 15-19

15 I told Doug Crossman that if he lays his head on Beany lap again I do what Daddy told me to do. Squirt him with the hose.

16 Nothing happen today. Beany and I took a walk in the cemetery, we wanted to see where the trucks are dumping their dirt. One graves date of death was 1928.

I finished reading the Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson.

17 I started Famous Mysteries of the Sea by Lauber. I also finished it today.

Hinkle’s, or Dusty’s puppies can see, smell, hear, bark and walk. One person has requested for one of the puppies.

18 Went to the library. I’m now reading Treasure Island, by Stevenson.

I’ve got to go to the dentists. I have a tooth with a cavitie, which my tounge catches on. I put a little piece of cotton in the hole. Feels a little better.

19 The people, across the street, moved in today.

Kathy McGlue and Janet Richerson are going to make a beach dress.

Gordie the icecream man came by. I bought some.

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