April 10 thru 13


i got a 52% in reading. In Social Studies I thought our reports were due in May. They are due tomorrow. Mine is on the Barbary Pirates and the War of 1812. Its about 7 pages long. I spent all evening on my report. Didn’t get a chance to practice violin.

Yesterday Shirliy came over. Brought mommy some flower bulbs.


Yesterday a submarine was reported lost. Today its reported sunk. (See Scrapbook) Three men from Michigan were on it. It was in International waters. I think the Russians had something to do with it.

No more school for tomorrow and all next week.


Today is Good Friday. Mommy, Beany and I went to church, Redford Lutheran.

We, Susan McGlue and I, named the road road leading from Beaverland to the back of Grandlawn Cemetery, Cemetery Road. Today C.J. Rogers trucks were bring dirt from the Southfield Expressway to fill up the cemetery.


Daddy talked to the man who is going to move across the street. Their are going to move in next Saturday.

I spent most of the day with Susan & Hinkles puppies and Dusty. The puppies are about three weeks old.

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