April 5-9


No school. Parent Teacher Conference. Mommy went to see Mr. Langen and saw Mrs. Hobart and Miss Habermehl. Mr. Langen was stationed in Germany during the war.

He says I’m doing very good.

I was supposed to play volley ball and badminton with Lynn L. and some of her friends. I decided not too.


Today someone started a fire across six mile in the big lot. Two firetrucks and a fire chief. They say the person who started the fire also threw the red paint on the flag pole door at school about a week ago.

We went to Shultzen. Saw movies of Calif., Yellowstone, Florida and Nigara, Sault Soo Maria, Smoky Mt, and Northland, cartoons, & their house.


Today is Palm Sunday. We got back last night at about 1:00 AM. So we didn’t go to church.

Tomorrow after noon no school, ‘cause of Parent Teacher Conferences.


Went to the library. I’m now reading, Black Arrow, by Stevenson.

Stayed up till 11:45. Watched Acadamey Awards. Best Actor – Gregory Peck, of to kill a Mocking Bird. Best Actress-Anne Banecroft Mirceale Worker.

Best Supporting Actor- Ed Bagley – Sweet Bird of Youth. Best Supporting Actress – Patty Dude – Mirecal Worke.

Best Picture Lawerence of Arabia.

Best Senery-Mutiny on the Bounty.


Yesterday Lynn L. told me that when I was in music (violin) Mr. Langen told the class about my family in Germany.

I have all my pieces cut out in Homemaking. Ready to sew I think.

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