End of March 27 thru 31

27 At College Prep we were told that we were going to Northville State Hospital on

April 11, about 9:00. We’ll see the mental paitents. I hope mommy lets me go.

In library I’m read Black Forest Summer by Mabel Ester Allan. I’m on P106 It takes place in Freiburg, Germany.

Next week, we will have our last Math Class.


29 Did 30 pull ups and 25 sit ups in Gym.

We got a free 1963 model Thunderbird from Dean Sellers, where we got our ford. The steering wheel even moves.

30 Went to Hudson Northland. I got my pattern for  mumu, but couldn’t find my material. I also got a pair of black shoes, size 8 1/2 A. They look real neat. Beany got a pair of sneakers. March 22 she went to see “Lawerence of Arabia”, with Peter O’Toole as Lawerence, a true story. Today she got the theme song. I just love it. Nattie love it and Peter.

31 I wore nylons to Church. Mommy said if Beany’s garter belt fit me, I could wear them. One nylon has a run. Doesn’t show to much. I wore them with my new shoes.

A family bought the house across the street. They go to Redford Lutheran Church, has 3 kids, 18 months, 10 yr old boy, and a girl.

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