March 22 thru 26

22 There is no school today. Good because I wouldn’t go anyway. Its Teachers Institute Day. They meet at Cobo Hall. Sam Levinson will be there.

I slept till 11:00A.M.Mommy woke me up to eat something. Then I went to sleep from 1:00 P.M. to 4;30 P.M. I should be better now.

Seems more like spring outside.

23 Thursday Mar 21Beany went to see Gov. Romeny with her senior class. She shook hands with him.

I helped Daddy plaster the bedrooms. I did about 3 or 4 cracks. It wasn’t a bad job.

The movie on Saturday Night was one we saw a a drive- in about a year ago, “Fräulein”. It was pretty fakey.

24 We went for a ride today and saw what there was of Murphy Jr. high. Later we looked at the houses across the street.

I have all my behind work made up.

25 I went to school but I didn’t go to orchestra. I wrote a poem on Detroit in homeroom.

Teddy must be sick or something. He licks me, & kisses me. In the bath tub, he licked all the water off of me.

26 Went to school as usual. April 4 our class is going to the Detroit Edison Power Plant.

In homemaking I found out my type, Junior; and Size, 15.My measurements are 35, 28, 37 1/2. Back waist is 15 1/2, height is 5’4 1/2”. I am plan to make a mumu.

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