March 18 thru 21 Sick yet Again


Yesterday & today my throat hurt a little. I didn’t feel very good, so I stayed home. Mommy says I probly have toncelites again.


Stayed home. Mommy went to school to get my assignments, and because tomorrow is report card day, she also got my report card. I made it. Mr. Langen said not to worry. I got 4 A’s; 2 c’s; the rest b’s. Not counted citizenship. I could have done better if I wasn’t absent so much.


Home again. I called Patrice. She got a db in arith.. In special classes our marks are the same, except in science, I got BB she got BA, and homemaking, I got CB, she got CC.

In homeroom she worse off than I am, and she was absent about 1 or 2 times.

My sister Nattie got 1 c. In physicys. Otherwise, rather good.


Once more I’m at home.

Today is suppose to be the first day of spring. Seems more like the first day of winter, it snowed.

No school tomorrow.

I didn’t got to sleep till 3:20 A.M. yesterday. I read the almanac. Even then I slept from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.. Now see why.

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