March 12 thru 17

12th – I’m behind in Catachism. Mr. Beck checked any make up work.

13th – Went to Math. We drew designs.

14th – I stayed home from school this afternoon. Didn’t go to Catachism either.

15th – In school we went down in the boiler room. We went in a very small room a few at a time. there was a noise and I was at the door. All the girls tried to get out. My foot was caught & now I have a bruise.

We’re taking Piscical Fitness test in Gym.

I have to hand in a poem on Spring Monday.

16th – Kathy, David and Susan McGlue and I, flew kites. Kathy’s kite got caught in the big tree across the street. I bought a kite and 250 ft. of string, 21¢.

17th – Today I flew my kite. It got caught in a tree. Its to high to reach. I almost cried. Daddy put a long piece of material on the end (for a tail). Teddy took off with the kite when it hit the ground. Boy, did that look funny. He didn’t tear it. Daddy put a different type of tail on. Now, it flew better. Then it got caught.

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