March 1 thru 7


Stayed home in bed.

Last Sunday when we had company, they showed color slides of the Smoky Mts., and the 1962 Photo Show.


Stayed home. I missed one week of school. So dull. Looks like I’m getting measles.


Home again. Got measles.


Missed school again. Called Patrice up, and asked her if she could bring home some books for me. She said she would.


Stayed homeh once again. Patrice bought me my books. Says that alot of kids are absent. Got alot of work to do. Might go tomorrow. I don’t have my report on the Aborigines ready yet.


I went to school. Everything went all right. Except, I spent the whole afternoon in the office. They said I had an aftereffect of the measles. Mr. Letcher, the ass. principal, can’t get my name right. I keep correcting him. He keeps getting it wrong. They couldn’t send me home because mommy was at the teachers. Daddy was Dials, nextdoor. I don’t see why I couldn’t go home.


Mr. Langen was absent. My outline on thr aborigines is done at last.

I went to catechism. Was absent three times, cause I was sick.


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