February 22, 23, 24 & 25 Ah, more Boy-Girl Fights


Today is Washingtons birthday. We had a pastry in Homemaking.

After school Lynn K. wanted to have a fight with me. I kicked him in the shins, real hard. He said to Danny Makins & Floyd Rempert “She took half my leg along.” I said to him, (after I crossed the street), thats how you should fight.


Thursday I built a house out of the empty cardboard boxes daddy had from tiling the ceiling. Yesterday mommy took it down.

On Saturday Night at the movie we saw “The Presidents’ Lady”. ait was about Andrew Jackson. His wife smoked a pipe.

Tonight I had a fever of 102.


Today my fever is 100.2.

Teddy bit me. It started to bleed. Nobody but me knows It is on my third finger, left hand. 2bits.

Yesterday we went to Hauptmans. They finally got a dog. Part German Sheperd. When its on its hind legs its almost as tall as me (I’m 5’ 4”).


I didn’t go to school or orchestra today. So, nothing happened.

Beany went to the library and got me some books on Australia, for my semester report.

Yesterday Schulzen came over. Mrs. S. gave me a ring (the one with the gold center). Also, many pearl necklaces. A little headband. Mommy says they are expensive.


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