February 17 & 18

Feb 17th

Mommy’s making me go to Dillners. I don’t want to go. I also have homework. At Dillners , Karen and I were talking about some very nasty things. We ate dinner in the basement cause there were so many people. Karen and I sat on the couch. Mommy gave us some balls to sit on cause we were so low. Karen was rolling off hers. Bernard didn’t give me any trouble.


Feb 18th

Nothing real good happened. I got 75% in Arithmetic. Mr. Langer said that wasn’t good! In Music I noticed Lenard looking at me. When I was going to orchestra, some teenagers in a car went right thru a puddle and got me wet on my right side. I had water all over my violin case, some on me.
Lynn D. and I aren’t friendly. I am reading “Black Forest Summer”.

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