February 15 & 16

Feb 15th
Lenard Miller hit me on the head with a roll of paper. Lenard is cute. In Gym we had to dance for a couple of minutes. Don J. picked me. Lenard got stuck with Diane Roder. Diane wanted Don. Lenard didn’t want Diane. So, they switched.
Mr. Costa, gym teacher used me to show how to do the dance. Everything went fine in library. We’re going to some peoples house.

Feb 16th
Patrice and I went ice-skating today. to 2:15. We had a few arguments ‘bout who was the best skater. Also, about her ice skates.The hook is on the bottom. I say it should be sawed off, she says it shouldn’t. Susan was with us. Daddy was down for a while. Teddy found half of a squirrel. After, Sue and I got big chunks of snow. I must looked a sight carring them.

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