February 10 & 11

I forgot to write in my diary yesterday. Today I will write what did happen.
Lynn Deidrich and I has a missunderstanding. I called up Lynn to go see if she could go skating on the river in 5 min. She came in 15 min or at 4:45. I decided to go for a walk. She came & went down to the river. I told her I would get my skates. Maybe she didn’t hear me. She went home. I saw her so I went home.

I went to orchestra as usual.
In school while in instrementel the notes on the page blurred. We took 3 more Iowa tests.
Lynn D. and her mother say that Lynn is going to the same jr high that I am. If I go to Taft and Lynn is sent to Murphy, her mother is going to put up a fuss so Lynn goes to Taft. vice versa. I don’t care if she does or not. I splashed mud all over Lynn L. coat.

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