February 7, 8, 9

We took two Iowa tests today.
I went to take playroom suty at 12:45, Patrice came with me. Sinic the kids are a little mentalyill, we had a little trouble. There are 12 & 1 was absent. We had free play, played some games. After that we went to instrumental. I slid on the floor a couple of times. Hurt my knee a little.
Tomorrow’s the big day.
Ya-who boy-o-boy

Today I went to the Henry Ford Hos..
I missed homeroom & homemaking. We had fun. There wasn’t enough cars so I called up daddy and asked if he could drive. The elevators were murder. We went from the 1st floor to the 17th. Our guide o-o-la-la. Hes no Richard Chaimberland but good enough. We stayed in the center part. The two sides housed patents.
We didn’t see an operation.

Lynn Kenny got balded out in Art. It was Sec. 13 last class. I was cleaning up. Miss Kazakos yelled at him for asking why he should do something she told him. He looked a sight. I almost burst out laughing. It was funny. This happened yesterday.

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