February 5 & 6

February 5

In school I went to the College Pep Club. I got the permission form. Momy says I can go to the Ford Hostipal Fri.
Mrs. Solum the Gym teacher asked me if I wanted to have room duty Thursday afternoon 2 period. I can. Patrice is going to help me. The kids are going to be the ones who are mentally ill.
I wrote Aunt Herta the Thank you letter.

February 6

After Math Doug Loveitt marked up my coat with chalk marks. I scratch his hand so it almost bleed.
M. Stevens played on our vollyball team.
Vaughn is on the same vollyball team. So it Floyd Rempirt Lynn Kenny is on team 2. Barbara is on team 1.
We filled out the test sheet for the Iowas. Tomorraw we are going to start taking them.

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