Found Treasure

Found diaries and journals of a young girl. They run intermittently from grade school to university. Brings back so many memories of childhood and the traumas of high school. Then there are the difficulties of just plain growing up, finding a place in the world. And for us, dear reader, reliving the 1960’s! See how she does..

MAY 25-28

25 Didn’t do much today.

Charlie tore up Janets (Richerson) sock. He chased her around the yard. When he got her he rode on her. She was screaming. Then she was so mad she left the gate open. Charlie chased her home. I almost went in my pants. It was so funny.

I saw the Egyptian on Saturday night at the Movies.

26 Went to the library, yesterday with Lynn Diedrich. I got the book Great Ghost Stories by Thal, and High Challenge by Kirchgessner.

Tonight is emmy night. Mommy won’t let me stay up and watch.

27 There are three more rehearsals at orchestra. I forgot my money for my picture. I think I look horrible. I’m desk 4, seat 8.

Tomorrow I’l finish the Sacrement of the Altar in catchism.

28 In homeroom we checked the letters we wrote. I got 97% on mine. Alan Verleye got 52% on his letter in my scrapbook. hMommy made an appointment at Charett’s beatuy salon, for 4:00. I think I’m going to get an Oliver.

Mommy has a false tooth. Last night it fell out. She went to the dentist.

MAY 21, 22, 23, 24

21. There’s something new in school. You tie a string or thread around a girls finger, making 6 knots. For every knot the girl is to make a wish. Then she does it to six other people, and a boy has to break it off. After that your wishes are supposed to come true. So far I’ve done it to two people.

22 Went to the rehearsal at Cooley. The band ran an hour over time. District Junior Orchestra was supposed to start at 2:00. It started at 3:00. We only took 1/2 hour.

23 Concert night!

We left at 7:00. I have to be there at 7:30. Mommy & Daddy said the concert last year was better. Nattie came along. It was over at 10:00.

Teddy has had a cold for the past week. Every time he starts to bark, he coughs.

24 In homemaking I’m getting my drawstrings to put on my mumu.

In gym we did the suttle run. I did 10.8. It wasn’t the best. Patrice did 11.5.

Staying up to watch the movie Shangrala.

MAY 17, 18, 19, 20

17 I finished reading The More the Merrier by Weber. Stared Granite Harbor by Bird.

After school Mommy put me to bed. My throat hurt.

For English we have to write a letter to the person Mr. Langen gives us. I got stuck with Alan Verley.

18 McGlues have a dog. They named him Charlie. I think he’s part collie, husky, German shepard. He’s about a 4” taller than Teddy. Hinkles might keep the puppy after all.

Sick. Have to stay in all day. Bah Humbug. Finished Granite Harbor.

19 Went to Church to see the confirmation. Next year I’ll get confirmed, I hope Mommy said she’d get me a small transistor radio. With a case and earphones.

20 I went to see Dr. Zedah. Some time in the summer I’m going to have to get my tonsils out. Dr. Zapedah said he’d take them out. Daddy might have ulcers.

David M. has the chickenpocks.


The Alan letter! From the original handwritten, stamped and mailed letter!

May 20, 1963
15710 Riverdale
Detroit 23, Michigan
Dear Elena,
            I thought I would tell lyou what I did this weekend. I went selling dounuts Saturday but I didn’t do so good. That night I went to my brother’s house to baby sit for my niece and my nephew. It seems everything happened at wance. I was trying to put my little nephew nightgown on when my niece spilled a whole glass of pop. I ran down stairs than my niece stared crying than my nephew fell off the bed so I ran back up stairs got my nephew  brought him down stairs. I findly got my nephew’s nightgown on and put him to bed my niece she wouldn’t let me put her nightgown on she findly fell asleep on the couch. Sunday my brother took me home I took me five hours to do my term paper than I ate. And I wrote my letter to you I have realy enjoyed writeing this write back and tell me if you finished your term paper, I will see you in school Monday good by.
                                                                                                                            Your’s Truly
                                                                                                                             Alan Verleye


Letter from a Philippine Sanatorium

Dec. 21, 1963
Culion Sanitarium
Culion Palawan
Philippine Islands

Dear Pal Elena,

First of all I would like to send my best regard to you and to your family. Maybe this will puzzle your mind about this letter and who this stranger happened to know you. I wish to introduce my humble self to you.

I am a lady with sickly parents, both of us were victimized by a most dreadful disease of mankind called Leprosy. My parents are both invalid, they can not work anymore. We are poor. We are only depending upon out ration, but our ration is not enough. This Culion is designed by our Government exclusively for us to live and die. This is far from my hometown. This Culion is surrounded by a water.

My sole purpose of writing you this letter is to be come a friend of yours. I think this is the only means to encounter my endless sufferings, sorrows and poverty. Yet in doing so, we can find out hearts although you are far from me.

My name is Maxima Coyangco. I was born on November 18, 1941, so I am now 22 yers of age. I have one sister, she is not married and they have one child, a baby girl.

Before I forget, I hope you will answer this humble letter of mine. I’ll pray to God that she will give a long life on this earth. I’ll promise you that you and your family, will include in my daily prayers. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless you. Hearing from you soon.

Your New Pal,
Maxima Coyanco


MAY 13 – 14 – 15 – 16

13 I got a 100% in arithmetic and a 37% in English. Nice.

Got my tickets for the Spring Concert. Mommy & Daddy are going Nattie might.

Went to the library. Started reading The More the Merrier by Weber Its a Beany Malone book.

14 In homemaking I’ ready to sew my facing on.

In catachism I finished saying the Scrament of Holy Baptism.

I wrote a letter to Hisakonand Nancy & Bjorn.

15 I told Mrs. Marks about my penpal in Sweden. She said she’d like to see his letter.

Mrs. Hinkle might keep the one puppy after all.

16 Nattie, Mommy and Daddy went downtown at 8:00 came back 11:00. Nattie got an award. The Detroit Association of Phi Beta Kappa presented the Tenth Annual Honors Convocation.

Sally didn’t make it by 5 points (see Scrapbook).

Sweden? That’s Cool, Isn’t It…

Malmö den 8/5-63

Dear Elena,
Thanks very much for the letter. It’s time to have a girl as a pen-pal. I have only got letters from boys.
I am in public school of the 7th grade. Schooltime from 8AM to 3PM except Fridays when we exercise cooking at the school. Do you take cooking lessons? I study Swedish, English, German and could have chosen French but I decided to wait. We even take a lot of general lessons as History, Geography, Mats and so on. Our gym lessons do we mostly spend in the swimming-pool, we even practice soccer. In about fourteen days we will go to Norway and stay there eight days It will be a kind of camp-school.
Have a brother with the name Johan and a nine years old sister with the name Marina. My father is at sea as a radioperator on the passenger ship “KUNGSHOLM.”
I send here a few Swedish stamps to you will you please send a few American stamps to me? Which countries do you collect? I have to say good-bye for now. Have so many other letters to replay.
Your friend
Björn Herder
PS Write soon DS.

A Friend in Tawas Checks Back

RR2 Box 45C
Tawas City, Mich
Jan. 17, 1963

Dear Elena,
I got your letter today. Its good to hear from you again. Don’t tell Lynn but I don’t like flute very well either. In the beginning band here and I’m starting trumpet. You may not like that either.
I have a German girl in my class. She was born in Germany, too. She’s at home in bed getting over hepatitis. She first came home from the hospital. It began in school when she asks me if she she looks yellow. I said “Yes!”. The teacher took her home. My mom got worried and said I had to get a shot. I didn’t get it in my arm, but somewhere else.
This Sunday I’m going to the Shrine Circus in Saginaw. Six kids get to go from fifth and sixth grade. The kids in my class voted for the “good citizens”, and I was one of them!
Will you ask Lynn if she recently got a letter from me? I’m not sure if my mom mailed it. Well I have to go.
Afeederzane,                                                                                                                                                                     Cindy

P.S. Write Soon.
P.P.S. What’s Lynn’s new address