Found Treasure

Found diaries and journals of a young girl. They run intermittently from grade school to university. Brings back so many memories of childhood and the traumas of high school. Then there are the difficulties of just plain growing up, finding a place in the world. And for us, dear reader, reliving the 1960’s! See how she does..

Japan first Pen Pal Talking Politics

9 Takada Simoji, Fukul Atrimi-cho Atumi-gun, Aiti-ken Japan
March 16
Dear Ilona
I am really sorry that my answer was late.
Yesterday, my letter which I sent to you two months ago was sent back to me. Addressee unknown was the reason.
I mistook your address.
I am really sorry.(Name in Japanese characters)

January 29
Dear Miss Ilona
I am really sorry that I didn’t write sooner. I have been cold this week. But I am very well now.
Thank you very much for fine stamps and pictures. I am very happy.
You said that introduce a penpal for me, didn’t you?
If you do, I wish a boy about sixteen, of course, I will keep on writting to you. I studied at high school about Detroit which you live.
So I know something about it.
Atsumi-cho, which I live isn’t so famouse. Place. But here is known as a sight seeing town. I will sent a port card to you in the near future. I hope you like it.
Who are your favorite stars?
I love The Beatles, The Ventures, S. Vartan, A. Margret, Beach Boys, The Animals, France Gall etc.
I love The Beatles best of all.
I was disappointed that George got married. Who do you love best of the four?
I also love go to see the movies.
But I have no theater which shows foreign films near by house.
So I go to see the movies at a city which it takes an hour by bus.
I do love to watch at television. I see, Sunset Strip 77, The Fugitive, Hollywood a Go Go, Get smart etc
What Japanese programs do you see?
Do you like Japanese stars?
I like Ken Yamauti, The Reanuts and Yuzo. Kayama etc.
My house is a timber dealer.
It is connected with your father, isn’t it? I must consult a English-Japanese Dictionary when read you letter.
Because I don’t know English words so much. I study English at school. But I don’t like English, but I like mathematics. Do you know Japanese?
My name is here: (Japanese )
Japan is: ——-
Your country, America is here: ——–
I will be waiting for your letter.
Good-bye Hiroko
P.S I also enclosed The Beatles’ pictures. I hope you like them.

9 Takada Simoji, Fukul Atrimi-cho Atumi-gun, Aiti-ken Japan
May 31, 1966
Dear Ilona K—-
I am sorry that I didn’t write you soon.
I am busy with the middle exameination. I had it from 23th to 26th.
I studied 1:00 a.m during the examineimatian week. Do you have a middle exameimation?
I have five times them in a year.
How much do you have?
By the way, The Beatles come on to Japan.
I want to see them.
But I couldn’t get ticket of The Beatles concert.
They came on June 28. They stay here until July 2. They have three concert at Nippon Budohkan which ten thousand of people hall in enter
Ticket is six dollars.
How do you think about Mr. Johnson’ts government. How do you think about Viet-Mam war?
I am interested in world situation very much.
I don’t have good will about Johnson’t government. I hope the world peace.
There are sodier who don’t want to go to viet-Mam, aren’t they?
I feel pity for youth die in battle.
(page of Japanese alphabet characters)
I want address Swedish boy and American boy. My friend wants American girl friend.
Please introduce a girl to me.
I send a present to you, There are a post card, and ornaments.
You will get them about one or two months after.
Good bye
Hiroko Yamamoto
P.S Do you have a picture of yourself?
If you do, please send it.
If you like I’ll send you a picture of me

9 Takada Simoji, Fukul Atrimi-cho Atumi-gun, Aiti-ken Japan
August 28, 1966
Dear Ilona
I’m sorry but I didn’t always write soon.
I call you Ilona. Please calls me Hiroko.
Ilona has strong knowledge against government, hasn’t you?
Present Premier Sato belongs to the democratic party. Japan has other parties, the Socialist one, the communit one, etc.
There is Komeito party that is religious body.
But I think it is not good that religion rule government. How do you think about this?
We do same dances that you do, but Japanese kid not good at dances especially parent don’t do dances like we do.
Japanese has original dances.
I like and do these dances as much as popular dances like money, GoGo, etc.
Folk song is most popular over her.
There is many Fold songs singers and groups. Do you know “Bara go saita” (Like a Rose) by Mik Maki.
Johnny Tillotson sings it.
But Beatles is bery popular as useful.
I heard that discturbance was bade by Jone – said “We were popular than Christ”
I felt relieved that I heard their U.S.A. concerts ended in saifety.
How was their concert that you saw?
What songs they sang?
I write the songs that they samg in Japan, Rock & rool music, She’s a woman, If I needed some one, Day tripper, Baby’s in Black I feel fine, Yesterday, I wann be your man Now here man, Paperback writer, I’m down Please tell me colors of your eyes and hair.
My eyes and hair are both dark brown.
All Japanese has crak brown or black eyes and hari. Are you hair straight or wave?
My hair wave.
Thank you for stamps.
Did you get my gifts? I hope you like it. I gave the address which you write me, to my girlfriend “Youko”
Would you find a boy friend for me?
My summer vacation is from July 20 to Augst 31. The 2nd term begin from September 1.
I swam during this vacation.
I did dishwaship at golf club house for ten days.
My father goes to play golf sometimes.
How is your vacation?
Please write me soon.
Good bye

Beatle fan in Japan

9 Takada Simoji, Fukul Atrimi-cho Atumi-gun, Aiti-ken Japan
November 28, 1965
My Dear friend
I was so glad when I received your name and address from Masul Ota.
I have wanted a penpal from over seas for a long time. I’m not a very good writer so I’m hoping you can read this
Now I’ll tell you something about myself
My name is Hiroko Yamamoto. I’m 16 years old any my birthday is October 24. I’m in the 1st grade of High school.
How many are in your family? I’m my family there are four, my grandmother, mother, father and myself.
I’m 5 feet 4 inches tall. My hobies are lestening reards, collecting stamps and writing letters.
I have been taking piano lesson.
Well, that’s about all there is tell about myself but I would certainly like to find out a lot about you. And I hope you will keeps on writing to me. If there are any questions you would like to ask, Please ask me.
I’ll be looking forward to your next letter with much delight
Yours truly
Hiroko Y.

9 Takada Simoji, Fukul Atrimi-cho Atumi-gun, Aiti-ken Japan
Dear Ilona K.
Thank you very much for your letter. I was very happy when I received it.
You wrote me that you have eight pen-pals in your letter, didn’t you?
I have three pen-pals and you are only my foreign pen-pal. Fukul where I live is very still town. It has many hot-housied, mums, melames, and other vegetables are made in them by farmers. There are many rices fields in my town.
Do you love The Beatles? I love them very much.
Especially I love Paul. I think he is my cuteness. Did you see a movie “Help”? I don’te yet. I want to it early. Help was opened from November 13 in Japan.
How do you spend this Christmas? I will have a Christmas party with my class mates in my room.
There are a piano, a stereo a desk and a bookcase in my room, but it isn’t a bed room. Bed room is in upstairs.
Now let’s have a wonderful Christmas day each other.
Good bye (writes Sayonara in Japanese characters) Hiroko
P.S. I am enclosing Japanese stamps in my letter. I hope you like it.

New Brunswick – English & French

74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
Oct. 1965
Dear Ilona,
Hi! Sorry I took so long to write but I have been this busy. Each night we have piles of homework. Tonight however, I am baby-sitting & all my homework is done.
I like a guy whose name is Bernie Hebert. He is French. He is really sweet. He has brown hair (Beatle cut) and blue eyes, stands about 5’8”. Not too tall not too short. I have gone out with him practically all summer. Now I go to the dances with him (sometimes) on Fridays at Vanier High School. It is a French school. We have a real ball there. My cousin goes also, with Reggie, the guy she went out with when I went out with Bernie. He is a very good friend of Bernie. He too is French. We have so far had a blast with them. Reggie worked, in the summer, at a place where they sell cars, so he had all different kinds of cars each night & my cousin & I went out with them, in the cars. Ever fun. On Saturday nights we sometimes go to the Assumption Youth Centre, a Catholic centre & dance to the music of the Customs, a very good band. My sister goes out with the drummer, Roger LeBlanc. Am I giving the impression that I am French and Catholic? Well, I’m not. I am English & Protestant but I like to go out with French, Catholic boys as well as English boys.
At Queen Elizabeth School, I am Secretary of the Student Council. Man, what a lot of writing. As you probably know, we, the Secretaries, have to write down all that goes on at the meetings. I met some nice kids through it, though I am also on our school volley-ball team. I just love it. We played three games last week and won two. The scores were 15-8 when we lost and 15-5 and 15-1 when we won. It really keeps you moving. This Saturday, the 23rd we are going to another city to play. Boy, we’ll it ever be fun.
Finally, I have, well almost, a picture of myself. It is still on the film, not yet developed, but when it is I will send you a pic of myself, but please, when you see it, promise you won’t stop writing, O.K.!??
I heard a real cute joke. Here goes

  1. What did the dog say when he sat on the sandpaper?
  2. Gr-r-ruff!

Got it? Hope so O.K.? O.K.!
Well. I have run out of things to say so before I bore you to death I had better sign off.
Bye, Write soon.
P.S. Send me a picture of yourself
P.S.S. As I don’t have your letter here with me I cannot answer any questions you asked in your letter so in the next letter, I will try to answer them.

74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
Dear Ilona,
Hi! Well I finally have a few minutes to spare to write to you. I was busy studying for exams and doing numerous other things so I couldn’t write but now it is 10:15 P.M. and I have just come home from a get-to-gether at my uncle’s & aunts home. I am the only one here; the others are staying for a while longer.
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Thanks for the card. It was sweet of you. How did “Santa” treat you? He was very good to me. I got many cloths, some jewellery & a ring from the guy I am going out with Bernie Bourque. Bernie Hibert & I broke up just before the exams started & so his friend, Bernie Bourque, asked me out & I have been going out with him since. He is also like Bernie H., very nice. My cousin is still going out with Reg.
Speaking of my cousin, Today she & her mother, left for Montreal at 5.30P.M. She has to go there for an operation on her jaw. Last summer while she was riding a horse, some boy were teasing it & it reared & she fell off, damaging a bone in her jaw. She has had different treatments for it but they have not done any good, so she is to have an operation. She was always fainting because it pained her so. She was hardly able to open her mouth for the same reason. She will be gone for two or more weeks. Man! She just left a few hours ago & I miss her already.
When is your birthday? Is it in November? I am mixed up! Please set me straight.
Have you got the L.P. by the Beatles? “Rubber Sole”? I am going to get it soon.
Well, I have run out of things to write so I had better go.
Bye. Write Soon (as if I do).
Your penfriend, Wendy
P.S. I haven’t got a descent pic of myself but I’ll send one when I do.

Those Wild and Crazy Indonesians Keep Coming!!!

Rianti Ojafsi Hadji Ball 40 Mahassar, Indonesia
Mahassar September 30, 65’
Dear Ilona
I have your letter dated September 29, very glad to read your letter.
And thank you very much, you gave me stamps. The name of my sister Nuraimi 15 years of age. And the names of my brothers Hasfad 23 years old, number one, Abdul Malik 21 years , number two, Mansjur 20 years, number three, Farid 19 years, number four, and Surapati 13 years of age, number seven. And number five.
Now we are having weather between summer and rainy season.
The weather in my country its very hot and dry. My other pen-pals in Japan, New York, Vietnam, Portugal, German, Italy, Philipina, New-Zealand.
I like to exchange pen-pals.
And yes, I like to exchange stamps with you. And I also to exchange postcards with my pen-pals in the over-seas.
And I will send you some pictures.
My brothers number one, two and threes go to school in the university.
And I have enclosed you a few stamps.
Hoping you letter.
And good. Bye and will meet again in the next letter
To go after the some pictures.
Sincerely Yours,


Miss Joke Marlissa, 12 Bontomaranu, Makasar, Indonesia
16th December ‘65
Dear Ilona,
First thanks a lot for your kindly letter and I’m very glad by receiving you letter, dated 2nd July ’65.
Reason delayed to answer your letter, why you never answer my letter.
I’ve writing toyou on 15th August ’65 that is the first letter and the second on 20th Oct ’65, maybe the letter have lost on the way.
I heard from Miss Salmah, that you have send her a letter, until I try to write you once more, and I hope that you will received my letter, I wait for your next letter don’t forget me to write please!
Now I would introduce myself: I’m 18 years old, and my birthday on April 14th. I have two brothers, one older tha I, the second is younger and one older sister is Flora
My father is the Chief of the Telegraph office at Mahassar – I’m studing in the top class of the high school – and you?
What are you grade now? Do you know I have also two dogs, Tobby and Bello. I have many pen-pal – in Japan, Portugal and Germany.
You ask me, about collecting stamps, I am so sorry is not my hobby, but I shall send to you next time from my countrie and another My younger brother like so much, please will be to kind send me some stamp with the next opportunity.
I like so much for music, movies, reading and correspondence and I can’t play any instruments. This letter is writing in a hurry, I get only 15 minuete to finish it, because Miss Salmah will go to post office and post my letter too.
If possible would you send me a picture of you, or your family.
I promise to send my picture next time. Thanks
Good bye untile I hear from you very soon.
Sincerely yours Joke
Merry Christmas Happy New Year for you and for your Country!!!

Those Australian Hormones

Elizabeth Bay Cresc, Elizabeth Bay NSW, Australia
Sept 2, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your letter. I’m sorry I haven’t written before, but I haven’t got round to it till now. Its an honest excuse, anyhow! Actually, I’ve been very busy. We’re on holidays from school, and gosh, I can hardly write! Gee, bad luck about your tonsils. It gets awfully boring in hospital though, don’t you think? It was for me over Christmas. New Year anyway (That’s when I had my appendices out, remember?)
Lynne and Jill and I have been very busy for the past two months, and it finally paid off on Saturday night. My sister is on a committee to raise money for the Blind Society of NSW, and she hit on the idea of having a discotheque night. Like a fool, I put my foot in my mouth by offering out services for our dancing abilities. Jill dances on T.V. and we used her routines. We did 3 dances, every hour in front of about 150 people. The music was all wrong in the beginning and it was most embarrassing! To top it all, I wasn’t feeling very well at all, with the ___ going around Sydney. However, we got through it, and would do it again, I’m sure.
Enough of my stage appearance! Now to my appearance. I must get a photo for you, ‘cause the one you’ve got, I have a feeling is fairly old. The only trouble is it takes me months to finish one reel of film (Ther’re 36 snaps on each!) but to get back to the toic – its rather funny, when I was real fat (about 81/2 stone – 120 lbs) I couldn’t get slim. Now I’m down to 7 ½ stone – 105 lbs. I can’t stop all my clothes are just hanging on my. But summer is coming, and so are new bikinis, so I don’t really mind! Poor Lynne, whose only 4ft 11” can’t lose any weight no matter how many diets she goes on. Wish I knew my own secret.
I rather like the Young London look. Not the way out stuff. Actually, you know, we have the same fashions as you – you just don’t know it. I’m sure half you Americans think we live in half wilderness! We don’t, we’re just as modern as you, if not more so.
I’ve been working quite a lot a t Woolies – we didn’t go away (sob) – but I didn’t get paid last week ‘cause I was sick on Saturday morning. Just have to wait till next Sat. Lynne and I are working all next week. Worse luck yesterday was officially spring here – fall in your land!
I do hope you’ll excuse the writing, but its been simply ages since I’ve written any thing much. Next time, (my last ever!) we’re getting a new mistress – Science. She’s pretty terrible from what I here, but I didn’t meet her when she came.
17 October 1962
At last I’m back Sorry it took me so long. Again, lots have happened. After we went back to school, we did out Trial School certificate Exam I passes everything except Maths and Science I failed science by 3 marks! However, I got 2 A’s and 2 B’s – French & English, History & Geography.
The weather down here is pathetic on Friday it was 92 , and today, Sunday, we couldn’t even make 55 , and today, Sunday, we couldn’t even make 55 , and today, Sunday, we couldn’t even make 55 !
The same old story again – Michele’s getting married. This is about the 3rd time I’ve said it I think. This time, however, I think she may get to the altar, I hope! He’s quite nice, but lots older, 7 years.
We do out final exams on November 12, 15 &16. Then we get a week off school to recuperate! I’m going to live on the beach, and when I have to go back afterwards, I’ll take days off here & there because it won’t be necessary really as I’m leaving, anyhow.
In the holidays, Dad & I are going to Melbourne for a couple of weeks, cause Michele doesn’t want to go, & Mum’s going to be doing voluntary work for the 3 weeks of Dad’s holidays.
During the long weekend of three weeks ago, Dad arranged to bring to Melbourne football teams up from south, and I went out early in the morning with my little cousin. The boys from on team, Richmond, sat next to us, and I got on quite well with two of them. In particular, whose at school in Melbourne still. I’m very busy with letter, which is why I suddenly remembered all my overseas pen friends waiting. The other boy works with an airline, and he said he’d get me in as an air hostess when I’m old enough!
Next year, I hope to do Advanced French & German at night school, so I have more chance of being an air hostess on an overseas line.
I received your post card. I do hope you had a good weekend.
On Friday night, we got four baby kittens – Chicken Little, Kit, Tina, and Kim. They’re all girls, & Chicken Little hasn’t got a tail. Geee, they’re cute & real little and bundles of mischief. I’ve been taking lots of photos so next letter, I’ll send you one. Please remind me, eh?
I’ve been madly making clothes & buying them. I got a new bikini – briefer than last years & prettier. I’m going to a formal dinner dance on November 20 and I have to get a long dress. I’m getting a pale blue silk shantung. Its lovely.
I saw “Cat Ballou”, “The Sound of Music”, and want to see “My Fair Lady”. Cat Ballou was a scream. Lee Marvin was tremendous.
Actually, I’m running out of paper, this is the last page, so I’ll have to finish up. Thanks for being so patient, have a good holiday, etc,
Lots of love,

Elizabeth Bay Cresc, Elizabeth Bay NSW, Australia
2nd December 1965
Dear Ilona,
How are you going? Life’s treating me pretty well actually. I’ve been out with 3 different boys in one weekend; the exams are over’ vacation for summer is coming up next week and my sisters getting married next July 1 to start with. Last weekend I went to a 21st birthday party with one boy on the Friday night, on the Saturday night I went to a Sailing Club to celebrate a friend of mine’s 19th birthday with another boy and on Sunday night I went to a cricket party with another boy 0 the best. The third boy – who play cricket really well – I met the week before at a formal dinner dance. At the dance, there were 90 people and a terrific band called the Ricochets played. I wore a long straight simple aqua silk dress with a low square back. I had my hair set with it behind on ear turning under & over the other ear and turning up. I had some photos taken and next time I’ll most likely send you one – if you want one! The boys name is Russ Byrne and hes beaut. I know quite a few of his friends – not through him though. This weekend I’m only going to the movies – so far.
The final exams finished a couple of weeks ago & we get out results in January I think next week we break up for our annual 2 months summer vacation. At the moment though I don’t go on Thursday ‘cause the only decent thing we do is sport & that’s not till 2.30-4.30.
In Sydney we get several teenage shows – Shindig, Hullaballoo, Saturday Date, 90 Bandstand, Action, and Top Pop The last 5 are all Australian shows.
When the Shrimp (Jean Shrimpton) came out here for the Melbourne Cup (Nov 3) she brought lots of dresses with hems 3-6 ins above the knees, but we had already had them out here for several months. It still caused some commotion though! Most of the Australian schools have uniforms We don’t wear ordinary clothes, it makes us look forward to the weekend much more. Most of us wear blouses or shirts, ties and a tunic sort of thing over them. We wear bobby sox & shoes like boys. Most unfeminine etc. but as I said we do look forward to weekends where just about anything is “in”. Slacks & tops to casual and formal dresser.
Not only do I make money by working a Woolies, but I also baby sit occasionally for a friend of ours who has a 3 year old terror and a 3 month old darling – boy & girl resp. Dad & I are going to Melbourne from Jan 2 – Jan 18. Mum’s selling Avon as a pastime, & quite unexpectedly, we’re booked into a motel there called “Avon” by the tourist bureau.
I have also won myself two new hearts at work; so things are looking up for the summers season. Got myself a new bikini – briefer than last year, but I’m back on a diet – obvious reasons! Going to see My Fair Lady tomorrow with the school. Should be good. Got to go – love to all
P.S. I’ll be a bridesmaid I hope to my sis. In July next year (hope!)

Tortoise Pet in Devon?

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
July, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Please forgive me for not writing sooner, but I have been very busy lately with school examinations. We have now a vacation of about 9 wks. Are you on vacation?
Today I took Tammy to be stripped, and I am collecting him this evening at about 8 o’clock. My grandma’s sister is coming to stay with us for about a fortnight. She has been living in Canada nearly all her life and her accent does seem funny.
I took Peggyanne up to the shops this morning and bought her a toy iron. She is very proud of it and at the moment she is “ironing” her clothes.
Are you going away this vacation? We are having our kitchen modernized and are going up to Hazel’s (my elder sister) while it is being done. We will be there for about a fortnight.
We have just acquired two more tortoises called Lisa and Tisa (Peggyanne named them) I found on of them in the compost heap yesterday. Honestly what a place to crawl about in with decaying vegetables & grass.
Before we left school some of the 5th form boys were leaving took some photographs of us 4th form girls. Norman took a photograph of me just about to slap Hicky across the face. I always hit him when I am in a temper so they took a photo to remember it by. They also took a photo of my hair ringing wet.
Every one was rather sad when they left.
Anyway I must close now. I hope you can read my writing.

“Cross Gate” Shute Hill, S. Devon, ENGLAND
Nov 1965
Dear Ilona,
Sorry I haven’t written sooner. I have gone off the Beatles & am crazy over the Rolling Stones. I like Brian best, then Mick, then Keith. I have got their latest release “Get off of my Cloud. Have you seen Mick’s girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton? Do you like her? She’s a model – her sister’s Jean Shrimpton. They are in America (the Stones) at the moment for 2 moths (sob, sob) you lucky things. Brian was born in Cheltenham & he lived there when we did & he must have been 14 then. My sister’s husband knows Brian’s parents & my friend’s father had his parents round for the evening & Brian’s Dad said he’d disowned him. Mick’s parents have disowned him too.
I think their tops & have got tons of information about them.
Whose your favorite group. I think the Stones are more popular than the Beatles in England.
Must close no, got some more letter to write now so must close.
Mum & Dad have recently been to a little island off Spain called Ibieza (its spelled wrong) & the Stones Mick & Charlie have been there too!!

Lots of Fun in New Brunswick

Miss W. Stallybrass, 74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
April 22, 1965
Dear Ilona
Hi! I received your name from my friend’s penpal. My name is Wendy Stallygrass. I am fourteen with blond hair and green eyes. I am 5’2”. I go to Queen Elizabeth School and I am in the grade eight. My home room teacher is Mr. Whiteley. I have one sister, Pauline. She has long brown hair and blue eyes.
My last name is German. In English it means Armstrong. However my parents are English. My father’s grandfather was German.
How old are you? Please, in you letter give me some information about yourself.
Well. I must go. Please write back. I will be glad to have you as a penpal.
Your penfriend
Wendy S.

74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
May 11, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Hi! Nice to hear from ya. Sorry I didn’t write sooner but I had no stamps. First, I shall answer your questions.
Yes, I like you have a few other penpals. My birthday is March 14. I am in 8D at Queen Elizabeth School. As of yet I have not thought much about my future. I want to be either a nurse or a stenographer. What course are you taking? My sister takes Commercial as she wants to be a stenographer.
I am not sure of the part of Germany my dad’s grandfather is form ‘cause ya see, my mom & dad have been separated since before I was born. My dad’s mother is Danish so I am a very mixed breed. My mom is English. (From London, England). My dad is part German & Danish so I really am a mixed up kid aren’t I?
As for T.V. I like Frank’s Bandstand, Patty Duke, Bonanza & Ed Sullivan (sometimes). I think Bewitched & Petticoat Junction are nice also. A for actors & actresses I like Elvis & Cliff R. as weel as Annette & Frankie A & Haley Mills. I enjoy all English groups as wel as American or Canadian one. I really have no favourite singers. I like them all as I have quite a few of different singers’ records.
Well, I like to ride, read & play badminton (on Tuesday’s) We have one dog, Mr. Smith (dig name). He is 9 years old. Cocker Spaniel. We also have 3 budgies (I’m not sure of spelling) they are Timmy, Mike & Joe. We also have fish Tropical ones. We have about 1 or 2 hundred. Mom keeps children from the Welfare. We usually have four children but now we only have 3. Kim, 2 years; Bobbie (Roberts) 3 months & Shelley 2 months. We keep them until they are adopted. We’ve had Kim since she was 10 months. We have a baby, Doug, 6 months, but he is a private case, which means we only keep him form 8 am to 5 pm. We are keeping him for 3 weeks ‘til his grandparents come back from a trip. His mother works.
I have only been to N.Y., N.J. & Mass. In the U.S. I (we) went to Niagara Falls last summer. Boy, what a view, eh! It really is beautiful.
The top song in Moncton, I am not sure of, but the one in Fredericton is Ticket To Ride by the Beatles. No. 2 is Count Me In by Gary Lewis. I have both these records as well as Mrs Brown’s Daughter mot to mention the others.
Well, I have to depart & do my homework. Ug! Well ‘bye. Write soon. Etc. etc.
P.S. Know any good jokes? Here’s a couple of rib ticklers:

  1. What is grey, has nig ears and a trunk. Elephant? No. A mouse going on vacation.
  2. There was girl whose name was Virginia so they called her Virgin for short but not for long. Get it? Hope so

Au revior

74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
July 31, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Hi! I am very sorry I didn’t write sooner but when I got your letter, I was writing exams & as soon as school stopped, our family went for a 2 & ½ week holiday at Prince Edward Island. It was our sixth time going. I hope you will forgive me.
I had a wonderful time there. I met lots of people. (Boys). I was out with 4 different guys. Not bad for me. We did lots of things like horseback riding, swimming, skimming, dancing, driving in cars, & having parties. It was a ball & I hated to leave.
Around here (Moncton) there is not that much to do. On Tuesdays & Fridays we go to a dance, sometimes we ride on Honda’s or just walk around. We meet different people almost every day. What I just told you is what we do at night. In the morning we help around here & in the afternoon we mostly go swimming at an outdoor swimming pool. Boring eh? Well it is something to do
While we were camping we met some boys who said they were going to come over some weekend. We didn’t think they would but laxt weekend one boy came over & this weekend 3 came over. Oh boy are we ever going to have fun.
I have misplaced your last letter & therefore I cannot answer your questions but I will look for it & answer them in my next letter.
Well I must go. I have nothing interesting to say.
Bye for now,
Your penpal,

74 Derby Street, Moncton, N.B.
Sept 12/65
Dear Ilona,
Hi! How is ya? Gr-r-r-eat I hope. Well how is school? Ours is not T-bag but it could be better. For home-room I have Mr. Wheaton, the principal. He has a very distinct English accent. Do you have school colors? We do. They are royal blue & white. Oh yea, before I forget, my birthday is March 14th. What’s yours? (I’ll be 15)
Boy, have I had a great summer. I met lots of people (boys). My cousin & I met different boys each night. Real nice, descent boys. Not the kind that would pick up any thing waling along the street. Ya know the song “The Boy Next Door”? Well the boy that lives next door but one has a friend & is he ever sweet! Boy! Currazy! My cousin goes out with my neighbor & I go out with his friend. My neighbor is Reggie & his friend is Bernie. They are a lot of fun. They had a great deal to do with out summer.
Did I ever tell you about the dances we go to? Well, all through the summer, they were on Tuesdays & Fridays until school started & now they are on Fridays until about the end of October as the dances are at the Stadium & in winter, it is all ice for skaters & hacky players. Well, back ti the dances. My aunt works at the canteen in the Stadium & most of the dances we help her. What a ball! We meet all kinds of people. When they say they want a pop & they don’t ask for or care what kind they have we give them “Dishwater” a mixture of all kinds Coke, Orange, & Sprite. It is really good. No fooling. We have a local band “The Customs” to play for us. They are really great. In fact, at one of the dances a man from London Records heard & liked them. He might get them to make a record. I sure hope so. I like the drummer Roger Leblanc. He is sweet. He used to go with a friend of mine. My sister likes the singer & the cousin I hang around with likes the lead guitarist & her sister likes the rythem guitarist. There are only four in the band. But they are terrific.
Well, I guiess I have bored you for long enough. Agreed? Agreed! Well, see ya. Etc. Bye, write soon.
Luff n’ stuff

Australia Linda Does Go on, and on, and on…But Lots of Info on Life Down Under

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
Tuesday April 20, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Our drought has broken – in Sydney & suburbs at least. It rained most of last week. Happy Easter! Did you go away over easter week. We didn’t. We broke up from school on Wednesday, & on Thursday Lynne (you know her, don’t you.) & I worked at Woolies. On Good Friday, we went to my relatives for afternoon tea, & then I went to stay at Lynne’s the night. Had a great time ‘cause her parents were away. I left on Saturday morning to go skating with another firend & met Lynne afterwards & she came & stayed Saturday & Sunday nights. On Sunday we went to the football which was quite good & on Monday morning we went to the Show/tell you about it later) & on Monday afternoon Haig (Lynne’s boyfriend who’d been camping) came & collected her & took her home. Today I went to work – again, but Lynne didn’t as it is her birthday – Sweet 16. Now we’re up-to-date about my Easter holiday. Back to school tomorrow but Monday is another holiday – Anzac Day.
To get back to the “Sho”. This is an annual event. Every easter we have The Royal Navy Easter Show. It is mostly agricultural & all the stores & candy manufacturers have stands etc. where they sell sample bags. There are ring events – horses etc., and there are dog & cat shows. Amusements are predominant. Homes & cars are on show, too. All in all, it is a major event of the year – all the kids look forward to it every year. Actually, it’s the largest show of its kind in the world.
I’m glad you’ve heard our song (Devoted to You) We’re just as up-to-daate with the pop songs & dances as you are, & if I can get one, I’ll enclose a music guide (as you call them) Popular dances at the moment are:- the Swim the cling, the hitchhiker, the clam and still the stomp.
Mary Poppins is here too, & I want to see it. Also, I’m going to see The Sound of Music, this week – most likely Friday night. Goldfinger has been around for ages here, too, but I haven’t seen itas yet. Another film that’s been around for a while is Girl Happy with elvis. I haven’t seen one of his movies for ages.
We get both magazines you mentioned – at least I think we do. You said 16, well we get 17 – I think – they’re most likely the same We get Teen, as weel as a lot of other American & English magazines.
I wish you had a tape recorder too, ‘cause we have & I’d love to let you here the pop songs popular over here, even though they’re the same as over there. Have you heard the Chad Mitchell Trio. They’re tremendous. I love folk singing & gospel sons. Also, I like mod fashions what about you.
I don’t’ think Ron would have any one interesting to write to you. He can’t be bothered to write to his own friends back in Ireland. Actually, I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks. I’ve been awfully busy.
A friend I’ve known for absolutely ages in fact ever since I came here to Sydney, is leaving tomorrow. Really she’s only moving, but she’s lived upstairs for so long, she’s like part of the furniture. She’s making her debut in June.
A friend of mine, Andrew Lion, just got a car last week. He goes to Uni (he’s 17) so his father got him a car. It’s a pretty little thing. Hope he gives me a ride in it soon.
How’s your social life going- slow or fast. Mines been pretty wild & its getting better. On May 12 I’m going to a semi-formal dance with Ron & the skating season opens officially that day so I hope to go skating with Chris (Furguson) a lot. You’ll most likely hear more about him.
You know, I really should go. I’ve got a stack of French & English left over from the weekend to do & its 10:00pm & I’ve got school tomorrow & I’m dog-tired too I’ll have to close, do you know that? Besides, I’ve done 6 pages. I’ll get a top 40 (what we call music guides) & send it to you. You never know. If you can borrow a tape recorder, I might send you a tape. It’d be by sea mail tho, ‘cause I’m not that rich.Well, I really do have to go now. Write soon – I know I didn’t ask much but well find something to write about, huh,
Lots of Love
P.S Remind me to tell you about my plans for school etc. will you?

take a breathe – there’s more!

Beverly Hall, Elizabeth Bay Cresc., Elizabeth Bay Sydney N.S.W. Australia
June 15, 1965
Dear Ilona,
Thank you for your letter, and birthday card. Things are going very well for me lately, except the exams started today, and they’re pretty though. We had English this morning – it ran from 9.20 till 12.20. Boy, was I famished! It wasn’t too bad but everyone thought it terrible – maybe I didn’t do as hot as I thought. This afternoon we had French Oral – comprehension and dictation from a tape recorder (there’s that word again!) It was disgraceful. No one could understand it, it was all blurred and winky. We’re going to ask them to do it again.
How are your holidays. I’ve just finished mine – worse luck. Had quite a good time though. The first weekend I had a party, I worked some of the next week – Woolworth. I also went into town with Lynne and got some fantastic material for a suit. The next weekend we – Lynne, Heug, John Colin, Mike, Bob and I (known generally as the group) just mucked around – went to the movies etc. I worked part of the next week too, And Mum and I went into town (Yes, again) and got some shoes, a handbag, a sweater and a blouse and a few unmentionables.
Next week Lynne and I visited the grandmothers and a girlfriend. All in all, I had a beauto holiday.
We just had a long weekend. I went to Lynne’s on Friday afternoon after school and we studied a bit. The boys came up and saw us because they were going away camping. We went to work on Saturday morning, and I had the most fantastic time. An old boyfriend who often comes around and takes me out, came up to see me. He’s coming over next Saturday afternoon. Also, do you remember Tony – the one who works at Woolies? Well, after all the months I’ve known him, he finally asked me out! To a ball, no less! I haven’t accepted yet, but I hope I get Mums permission. I don’t know what I’ll do with John, that night.
Anyhow Lynne and I put in 7 ½ hours study that afternoon and night – her parents were away, & we wouldn’t let her sister come home so we were by ourselves All about 3 pm Sunday afternoon. We stayed in bed all day, studying, The, that night we went to the “reservoir” and ran around ti 2 or 3 times. Its only about ½ to 1 mile around. We’d put in 7 hours study that day and needed some fresh air.
Monday (yesterday) we studied most of the day, but let up last night and went out with the boys for a couple of hours. Gee I can rave on, can’t I. We did all out own cooking on the weekend. It was great.
Yes I did get the newspapers, just a couple of days after your letter. Thanks. I’m getting quite a collection. I’ve got some from Canada, too.
Mary Poppins is here, but as it’s going to be on for about a year or so, I’m not falling over my feet trying to get to see it. Goldfinger’s still here & so is Girl Happy. “My Fair Lady” comes on June 29 I thinkg but its been in Melbourne for ages.
I’ve decided I’m going to become a teacher. That means 2 more years of school after this with a good pass and 2 years at Teachers Collee before I’m qualified, but I don’t mind. I’ll most likely scrap that idea before long and become an ordinary run-of-the-mill stenographer!
For our next holidays which come in August, September, Lynne and I want to go away to Surfers Paradise for a week and a half. Don’t know what my parents will say – I’m going to catch them in a good mood! – cause I’m a year younger than Lynne, but we’lll be staying at Dad’s friends Motel. Lynne’s parents are all for it. We’d go up by bus which costs about £10 ($20, I think) return and acoommodation should be free. Meals won’t be a problem – we’ll live on hamburgers. Just hope we can go.
I’m madly sewing everything I can lay my hands on. We do dressmaking at school next week ‘till the end of the year. Set is a nightgown, but it’ll only take me about a week to make it. I made a lined suit in 6 days, & that was only the second thing I’d ever made. All by myself, too.
I’m sure something’s wrong with the mail. About 5 people owe me letters. And I’ve been waiting for 2 ½ months for one! No one loves me. I got about half a dozen 17’s (magazines) last week and I’ve been madly studying the fashions of this season. Winter here. I was in the paper today fortnight ago! An old ship was found of North Head (in the harbor) that sand 104 years ago, and Lynne & I had our photo taken looking at some of the relics. Stars, now!
Well I’ve rambled on for pages & pages – gosh 7 pages! I’ll be poor for a month after I send this! Tell me what you’re doing on your vacation, huh?
Lots of Love,

Indonesian Flood Gates Are Open!

Miss: Yoko, Marlissa, 12 Bontomaranu, Mahassar, Indonesia
18, July 1965
Deal Ilona K—-,
Hallo Ilona, how are you,? I hope that you will quite well. (parts missing where stamp cut out) I’m certain it’s very wonder ____________ got my letter, and funny indeed _________ Because you got a letter from __________ unknown person, don’t worry me__________.
May I trouble you for an ________ I like to have communication by _____ you, I have got your address from my friend.
So I like that you will write me back, when you have received my first letter promise me than.
For all you kindness and attention many thanks for you.
Sincerely yours
Yoko Marlissa

Miss: Yoko, Marlissa, 12 Bontomaranu, Mahassar, Indonesia
Malssar 10 August 1965
Dear Ilona,
First thanks a lot for your kindly letter and I’m very glad by receiving your letter. I have got your address from my neighbor friend and she got also from her friend, and his name was Lesly Mantiri.
I’m 18 years old and I was born in Macassar, April 14th, 1947.I have two brothers, on older than I, the second is younger and one older sister is Flora.
My father is, the chief of the Telegraph office at Macassar
Now some thing about my self:
I’m studying in the top class of the high school and you? What are you grade now?
Do you know I alve also two dogs, Tobby an Bello.
I have many pen-pals, for instance in: Japan – Portugal- Canada and two in U.S.A
You ask about my collecting stamps, I am so sorry is not my hobby, but I shall send to you next time one series of Indonesian stamps.
Further about exchange postcards I am aggrement.
I like so much, for music – movies and reading.
But I can’t play any instruments.
If possible would you send me a picture of you or your family.
I promise you to send my picture next time
Good bye until I hear from you Very soon.
Sincerely yours
Yoko Marlissa
At Indonesia
Good Night

Sender Rianti Ojafsi
Address Hadji Ball 40
Mahassar, Indonesia
August 19, 1965
Dear Ilona K——,
I got your name and address from my friend Yoke Markissa. I am writing a letter for you because I wish to become one of your friend. I am agirl of 17 years old.
I was born on 22 March 1948.
I go to the high school in the city of Mahassar and am sitting in the to pclass.
My hobbies are: swimming, collecting photos and stamps, correspondences overseas, basketball. I am staying with my parents and I’ve five brothers and one sister.
And when your birthday?
Now we are having summer in my country. How about yourself?
I would like to hear something about you too. Hoping your letter.
I send best regards to you and you familys. I like correspondences with all over the world.
Thanks you very much, I can acquaintance you.
Good Bye.
And meet again in the next letter.
Respectfully yours,

Salanah Gosse, Djl Sawerigadmg p5, Makassar – (Sul-Sel) Indonesia
Mahassar Nov 18. 65.
Dear Ilona K—-
The first I hope, that you will forgive me for writing to you suddenly
Don’t worry me, may I trouble you for an information and I like to have communication by letter wish you.
I like to write the people overseas and find out more about other countries.
I have got you address from my friend Joke Markisa
If you will accept me as you pen-pal I will be very glad
I like that you have received my first letter, promise me than for all your kindness and attention many thanks
Until I hear from you soon
Sincerely yours.
Salanah Gosse

At Least Nigeria Writes Brief Letters (compared to Australia girl)

T.A.B. Owoyele 2, Inasa court, Lagos, Nigeria
February 1965
Dearest Ilona
Don’t think that am a poor or lazzy Pen-Pal I have no time to write to you because I went to Ibadan to visit my brother, and I think that you school is going on well and you are in good condition & health as am here today.
Ilona if I want to by good and lastable camera from your country how much it will cost me.
Please don’t forget to send me one of your picture and send me more pen-pal I will sent my picture as quickly as possible.
Please don’t forget me about the book. Wish I told.
Thank you
TAB Owoyele

Sometime in 1965
Tajudeen Owoyee,2, Inasa court, Lagos, Nigeria
Dearest Ilona,
Don’t think that am a poor pen-pal, the reason why you don’t see my letter is that, I went to IBADAN to take Examination of Trade Centre because I want to go to Secondary School. Please don’t forget about that Camera which I ask you to find out for me, and me more about your Country. The music that I like best is Twist record. I am very happy to tell you that I want to celebrate my birthday Ceremony wich is on 8th of December.
I stop here – you faithfully